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These assets are designed to complement the Pixel Fantasy icon series, using the same palette to create  more cohesion between the assets in your games!

The tiles are 48x48 in size which makes them perfect for RPG Maker MV/MZ, but you may use them in any engine or for any other purpose. 

You can read the full Terms of Use/EULA here.



Current graphics included:


- Window

- IconSet


- Door1

- 6 Full Character Sheets

- Reid, Priscilla, Gale and Michelle from RPG Maker MZ!


- Reid, Priscilla, Gale and Michelle from RPG Maker MZ!


- Outside_A1

- Outside_A2

- Outside_A3

- Outside_A4

- Outside_A5

- Outside_B

- Outside_C

- Outside_D (extra tree colours)

- Inside_A1

- Inside_A2

- Inside_A4

- Inside_A5

- Inside_B

- Inside_C

- Dungeon_A1

- Dungeon_A2

- Dungeon_A4

- Dungeon_A5

- Dungeon_B

- Dungeon_C





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GenreRole Playing
Tagsartgame, Game engine, JRPG, MMORPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, RPG Maker MZ


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I don't know if this is a dumb question or if you've answered it already, but am I able to edit the sprites? (totally understand if not)

Not a dumb question at all, you're totally allowed to edit them! There's a full EULA on the store page but tl;dr these are completely fine to edit! :D 

Alright, thank you!

I just want to make sure that I'm understanding right, but for this tile pack, I can use it for commercial use without buying anything?

If not, that's fine anyways, since it's a great pack and likely worth the money.


For commercial use, you can use the tiles completely free. 

The Iconset has its own separate terms which you can find on this page

If you want to use the characters Reid, Priscilla, Gale and Michelle in a commercial project, you'll have to abide my RPG Maker MZ's license since they own those characters.

There's also a downloadable version here of all the commercially free assets in this pack.

Was mostly interested in the tileset, but Ill check the basic pack as well, maybe even the icons depending on where I go with the game.

Thanks for the response

can the icon packs be used in commercial games without having to buy anything

quais são os requisitos para eu poder usar esses tiles, de forma comercial, em meu projeto?

You can read the full terms here.

Então... Vou ser mais claro 😁 eu já havia lido, porém não entendi. Eu preciso comprar qual pacote pra poder usar esses tilesets de forma comercial?

Ah! These tiles are all free for commercial use, so you won't need to buy a license for them. :D 

the icon packs that say free can they be used in commercial game without buying anything or needing a license 

Deleted 183 days ago

We need the world set! 

Do you have replacement sprites for the switches and buttons in this set (or a different one)? I can't seem to find those assets.

Those aren't in the pack just yet but I'll try to get them added asap! :D 

I would die for you if you asked.

Using this amazing set in my upcoming Steam game Suramon. Also looking forward to the modern scifi sets! 😊

first off, love the pack.  currently using it for my project rn.  i was just wondering if i could have the pallete used to make the pack so i can edit things, and make it cohesive to the style.  ive tried ripping the pallete from the image but there are little discrepinsies and i dont get all the colour

Hey there, for sure! Palette on top is the normal palette, the one on the bottom is the desaturated version. :D


thank you so much, this will save me so much effort looking through other tilesets and sprites for colours

Hmmm, I think, Know. This tileset is amazing! but i hope to see it continued, atleast paid if not free.. that adds stuff more modern but mixes it in with the style it already has, Even some sci-fi stuff too.. (Cause i wanna adapt those into my game)


Thank you! Work on the SciFi and Modern RTP is currently underway! :D There's also some polish to be made on a small castle set I'm working on.

👀 then I'll check back in to see it's progress! It sounds like it'll look as beautiful as ever


I'm also looking forward to the SciFi Modern RTP. I can't wait to make a life-sim or GTA style game with it. I have so many ideas. lol In the mean time I'm working on using the current Pixel Fantasy set for a project. Maybe your farming templates too. Amazing work as always Caz.

PS: For your farming template the RTP sprites were edited so they can use the tools. Would it be possible to add the tools to the Pixel Fantasy sprites as well?

Thank you! <3 Will hopefully have an update on them soon. :D I'll also be working on an update for the Pixel Fantasy Generator with a new spritesheet for actions like swinging tools!

Awesome! Looking forward to it. :) 


I love this so much! I only need to substitue some sci-fi things but this rtp replacement does wonders for the 5 minutes inside-joke game I'm doing to bother my friends! Love your stuff and tutorials :D

These are amazing! do you think you will be making the SciFi tilesets in this style? id love to see those


Thank you! <3 I will eventually be redoing the whole RTP, so yes there will be SciFi stuff! I'm currently working through the Dungeon tiles so hopefully SciFi and Modern will come next after that. :D 

Any update on this? A replacement of the modern city tiles would be a dream come true. Love your work Caz.

Thank you for the kind words! The Dungeon tiles were just recently completed at the start of the month, so I'll be working on the modern/scifi stuff next. :>

Can't wait. Really looking forward to it! I'm also mulling using the current Pixel Fantasy sets for my next game. 😊


Love it! Hoping to use some of these tiles on my next project. Thanks so much for making this.

Can you add dungeon tileset? will be so useful!

I'm planning to add Dungeon tilesets eventually! :D 


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Can you please update this to add the dungeon tileset too?

Really need it for my MMORPG.

Are these available for commercial use? I am an up and coming pixel artist, I would like to learn from this style and maybe use it in a game. This would really help further the development of the game my friend and I are working on. We aren't far along yet, but even using these as a teaching tool for myself would be immensely helpful.

(1 edit)

Hi, you can totally use these for commercial projects! :D

Be aware, however, that to use the characters included you'll need to own RPG Maker MZ (Reid, Priscilla, Gale and Michelle). 

The tiles and everything else are fair game though~ I really hope they're useful in your learning! <3

Have you made any changes since the last time I posted here? We are in need of more tiles, as currently we need to use some vanilla accompanied by this pack. Ultimately, I will be creating our tileset myself, but this is still the best tileset I've found to use in the meantime, and it would be great if it has progressed.

Last update was in May but sadly no new tiles just yet, sorry! :(

hiya when I try to start this it says error something about Michelle for some reason..  so it doesnt open the demogame

(1 edit)

but also if i open the folder then open it it opens my copy of mz since i own mz and that lets me get it open but if i launch it from itch it gives an error. Odd that it gives an error when launched from itch .. then again itch is a bit weird xd

Hm yeah that is really weird, I think it sounds like a problem with the way itch's software handles loading stuff. It's meant to be opened up using RPG Maker MZ anyway so that you can edit the project and see how the assets look in-engine. :D

Oh my gosh, are these really free to use for a commercial game? These graphics are absolutely gorgeous, perfect for my game. :00

Your EULA says it's ok based on the license linked in your terms, but I'll admit I'm a bit confused since your RTP replacement pack for MV is free non-commercially. Thought I'd ask here to make double sure, thank you for your time! Again, nice work on these. qwq

Thank you so much! <3

The RTP Replacement pack for MV/MZ's iconset  is only free non-commercially because a commercial license requires purchase/ownership of the packs. So they can totally be used commercially as well, as long as you have the pack that the icons came from.

These tiles are free for commercial and non-commercial use, with the exception of using RPG Maker characters outside of RM. Other than that, they're all good to use! :D


Ok, thanks! ^^

I'm excited for future updates with these tiles~

Is the MZ license required to use these?

Nope, you can use them without any of the RPG Maker licenses. :>

(1 edit)

Doesn't that create an issue with the Reid character? I don't imagine his character design is included with the MV license. ^^

Another question I almost forgot to ask! The iconset that comes packaged in here seems identical to an iconset posted under a "free but not for commercial projects" license. I don't see a similar stipulation here, so I'm wondering why that isn't clarified.


Oops yeah sorry, the Reid character has separate terms that require the MZ license and credits to Melancholy-sama, but the rest is engine-free.

The Iconset provided is free for non-commercial use only, unless you own the packs.

That's what I figured. I just wanted clarity. Thanks. ^^


This looks so much like Stardew Valley from the images I've seen. I like it! Can't wait to see more!


This is SO WONDERFUL! I’ve been tempted to try something similar, but at a smaller ambition. THANK YOU! Please keep up the great stuff!


This is a super cool tileset! I really like the way you use a blueish black for the outlines most places. Using a dark blue as your doorway/black color gives a cool effect. I personally think it is a bit too saturated for the types of games I tend to make. It looks more saturated than the RTP. But, that might be partially because of the simplification of the design. I like the look of the beech trees a lot better than the forest trees. I also noticed you used custom characters in the screenshots. Are you planning on making varients of the RTP characters which match the tileset?

I sort of wish there was a more desaturated and slightly  darker palette with a similar detail level.

I did really like the roof and wall color tiles.

The way you did the coloring for the cliffs is super cool too.

Although, some of your large block wall tops look off with their associated wall tile.


Absolutely gorgeous. If the plan is to recreate the RTP and then do paid expansions then I am all for that. The community is incredible with the resources they create and share for free, but you cannot deny the allure of a one-stop shop for your tiles. 

Thanks so much! <3 That's definitely the aim for the future! :D




Hi ! Very beautiful, thanks for share.


Love it! Wish more asset artists would build recreations of the RTP in their own styles so the rest of their sets fit in more naturally. It’s always kinda sad when you find an awesome tile set but it doesn’t match anything you use. I look forward to the continued development!

Thanks a lot! :D And yeah I'm hoping to get the RTP finished up, and then move onto DLCs for tiles/assets based on things  outside of the RTP~


You fixed the scale!  That's cool, that's something that always bugged me, nothing is sized consistently in any of the RTP's.


Aw thanks Sharm! I was worried it'd look a little weird size-wise in places, but I'm glad to hear it seems more consistent! :D <3


very interesting. Keep up the good work! Any chance there might be some mage gear in the future for us? 

Thanks! I've recently been working on some suggestions for bakery assets, but I'll add mage stuff to my list of things to make! :D