Pixel Fantasy Tiles - Interior Update!

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your continued support!

You may have noticed I've been a little quiet on icon releases recently. I've been working hard to push out a free update for the Pixel Fantasy tiles series, and you can now download the interior tiles for a 1:1 RTP replacement (or for other engines if you'd like~).

I'll be looking to pick back up on icons in the coming weeks, and as always I'm super happy to hear any suggestions if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

Thank you again for supporting me and keeping me going! <3


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I've been waiting eagerly for this update. Marvellous, it really is. One thing I particularly appreciate is the recognition of scale. I am taller than a barrel - most people are. 

I made some animated doodads for some of the trees you created in the base release. It's quite a bright, cartoon-y vibe and so I thought to give them faces and make them dance a little. 

As a suggestion for icons, how about some fish? We have some farming tools and crops. We could go fishing too and sell lots of fun little fish. 

Aww niceee, this tree is so cute!! :D

I definitely wanna get some more packs made in the near future for Harvest Moon/Stardew spinoffs, like lots of different types of fish, insects, more crops, meals, etc. <3