A downloadable asset pack

These icons are intended to replace the system graphics in the RPG Maker MV/MZ Runtime Package. The download comes with a sample project with premade items, weapons and armor that you are free to copy and paste into your own project.

However, they can be used for whatever you see fit - gamedev or otherwise! 

  You can read the full Terms of Use/EULA here.




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GenreRole Playing
Tagsartgame, Game engine, JRPG, MMORPG, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, RPG Maker MZ


Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - MV RTP (with Sample Project).zip 121 MB
Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - MV RTP.zip 231 kB

Install instructions

The icons come in the same format as they would appear in RPG Maker MV and can be pasted into the img/system folder of your project.


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Hello, can I use these icons in the Bakin Developer engine? or are they just for the exclusive use of RPG MAKER versions?

Hi! They can be used in any engine, as long as the EULA is followed. :> 

One last question, is this [pixel fantasy rpg icon - mv RTP] a free asset to use for commercial or I have to buy it? I just want this one, not the others. 

Yep, the full EULA is here. It's free for commercial use in RPG Maker MV/MZ. :>

Awesome! Thank you for replying. I will definitely coming back for more if I need something else.

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I saw this one in the Visustella Icon system with the Keyboard icons. Is the keyboard icons belong to you as well? Am I allowed to use this(Visustella Icon) for commercial use or do I have to buy it?

The letters and keyboard buttons are free for commercial use. :> 

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what about the rest of this rmmv rtp? Is this one a paid? I Pretty much want the rmmv rtp icons that Visustella are using for their sample project. 

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If I've purchased all of the paid packs, is it safe to use this sheet for commercial use in its entirety? I'm noticing there's a few icons in this sheet that don't seem to be in any of the paid packs (like the red/green/yellow/blue orbs and their shattered variants; the white and black ones are in pack 8, but the rest aren't. The empty border icon doesn't seem to be in any of the packs either). 

Yep that's perfectly fine! Some of the icons not in the paid package are from the free packs, which are completely free for commercial use. :>


Excellent. Thank you!


Hi, thank you so much for sharing your brilliant work!

Is it ok to edit your free icons (with credit of course!) for a non-commmercial project?

Thanks so much for the kind words! And yes of course, you are allowed to edit the free ones that don't require a commercial license. :>


That's awesome, thank you so much again :)

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Hi Caz, thank you for the free icons for us to try out!

I am considering using this existing replacement icons for commercial use in the future. Can I check if this replacement iconset came from each of the 8 asset packs (and more?) or a selection of a few asset packs?

Asking this because I want to purchase whatever was provided in this free replacement set, unless you have a bundle sale going on. ;)

Thank you again!

Hey, thanks for getting in touch!  The icons on this sheet are generally from these  packs:

Potions and consumables: Pack 1 and 2
Food: Pack 3
Weapons: Pack 4
Skill and statuses: Pack 5
Equipment: Pack 6

So you won't need all of my packs, but there is a bundle sale on at the moment for all of them. :>

Thank you! I noticed that the bundle expired end of August. Will you be refreshing it?

There's a new bundle available with more packs now. :D The old one was only 1-7, and the newest includes pack 8 and emojis~ https://itch.io/s/33278/pixel-fantasy-mega-bundle


Really liking the style of your icons.

Thanks so much! <3 

Hi Caz, love your art, was wondering if you're planning on doing a Japanese food art icon set? if not, can I request for a commission? again love your work.


Hey, thanks so much! I had no plans to do any at the moment, but I love doing food and I'm always happy to take requests for future packs, so I'll see what I can do! :D 


Thanks for reply, cant wait to see what you bring in the future :D

Wait, if I understood this correctly, if I want to use them for commercial project, I have to donate for these assets?


In order to use them for commercial projects, you must purchase the original pack that whichever icon you want to use came from, i.e. foods from Pack 3, weapons from Pack 4, etc.

Hope that clears things up a bit! :>

OMG! I just realized they were actually parts of your packs! My bad!


Haha, no worries! Yeah this is a compilation of my existing icons made to fit MV/MZ's icon sheet, so RM users can get a feel for how they'd work in their games without needing to buy them first. :D

Aw, I wish your made your icons 24x24 too, they're so gorgeous. 

aaaa thanks so much! I did do a little trial of 24x24 with Pack 1, but didn't get a huge deal of interest so I haven't converted the rest yet, but I might do it further down the line! :>


I hope so! Instabuy for me. Not using MV so can't do anything with 32x32.

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Hey Caz, this is fantastic. Allowing us to download and check some of the icons out before buying the commercial licenses in the individual packs. I like it a lot and plan to fork out some dollars your way soon. Great job on this. Really mean it.

EDIT: I can spot a few icons which I don't think you've included in any currently released icon pack outside of this one. The chainsaw and some cracked orbs (there might be other icons too that I didn't notice).

How will one get permission to use those commercially? Will they be released in the future?