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This will work very nicely for Solarus or a 2D Godot project.

I don't remember if I commented on the RPG Maker version of these tiles, but I'm always so impressed with your pixel art!!! It has this cozy yet nostalgic feeling that I find so inviting!

aaaa Uni thank you so much, that's so kind of you to say! ;-; <3

Hey Caz! Been a fan of your work for quite some time now :D 

Still a bit of a noob so sorry but I'm a little confused on what "engine-free" means. Does that mean irrespective of engine / not engine specific? Or am I misunderstanding?


Hey, thank you so much! :D Engine-free basically means you can use it for whatever you want, so you're not restricted to just using RPG Maker/Unity/Godot/whatever. I hope that helps!


That makes sense. Thanks for your generosity and your amazing art!! :D


You're very generous to make this free 💚

Thanks Seliel! :D I'd be really happy to see this help people with their games!