While currently functional and available to use, 

this is a very early version of the 

Pixel Fantasy Character Generator 

with only a small amount of character parts. 

The tool will be updated as much as possible with 

new art to generate more unique characters!


The Pixel Fantasy Character Generator provides the user with a way to 

generate sprites and facesets in the Pixel Fantasy style, 

which will match the existing characters and tiles available

This tool can be used to generate spritesheets which are 

compatible with VisuStella's VS8 Directional Sprite Sheets

All artwork generated using this tool will follow

  the same EULA used for all of the Pixel Fantasy assets, 

which can be found here.

Import sprites into RPG Maker and use the 

VisuStella Events & Movement Core 

for VS8 directional movement.



VisuStella Core Engine

CGMZ  Screenshots by Casper Gaming

MZPlus Quick Start by Anisoft/Quasi

Updated 16 days ago
Published 18 days ago
StatusIn development
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(14 total ratings)
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TagsCharacter Customization, Characters, Generator, Godot, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, rpgmakermz, Unity

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Can you make a downloadable version?

I am planning to eventually release a standalone version for Windows once more content is available, yes! :D 


Love it, can't wait to see more!


Can't wait to see this mature!

I get "Error

Failed to initialize graphics."

I'm on PC, microsoft edge browser :(

Hey, thanks for the report! Have you tried another browser?

(2 edits)

The 'save sprite' button doesn't seem to work most of the time? I managed to get it to work once, after trying several times, but now it won't work again. The 'save face' button works fine though.

Edit: finally got it to work again, maybe I just need to leave it for a while and then try again for it to work??

Edit 2: the button works fine if I put the character creator in full screen :)

This tool is very cool! I'm gonna have a lot of fun with it

This is looking very cool so far! Do you have plans to add SV battlers?


Thank you! Eventually yes, I hope I can add SV assets! 


Awesome, looking forward to it!

I can even start it says :c


Error: No available storage method found.

Hi, what device are you using please?

windows 10. and opera explorer on PC

Hmm that's really weird, it should work. Have you tried using another browser?

(2 edits)

Dear @Caz, I said that already via the rating comment, but I said it again: another awesome stuff from you. You never fail! I absolutely love it! So happy that you included special poses like "holding something" for games like Stardew Valley or so on... Also there is also facesets and you can adjust colours. Wow, just wow. I am looking forward to the future updates of this generator, because it is so good and the characters looks lovely (I don't really like the short chibi one from RM itself).

Ps. Shouldn't the random character button say "Randomize" instead of "Randomise"? Does it matter? I am not fluent in English but I saw it was always with "z". 


No idea about the first bit but Randomise is English (UK) and Randomize is English (USA). You'll notice that in many words with that sound, eg. realise/realize etc

Thanks so much Fizzly! Haha, it's UK English so we use S in some words instead of Z.