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Caz, I have an great idea for new icon pack! What about "fruit and veggies" pack? Would be soooo cool to have more diffferent crops, like asparagus, beetroots, peas, turnips, daikon maybe? Dragonfruit, melon, cauliflower, artichokes (I know there is a lot of veggies/fruits actually in other packs, but I'm almost sure nothing from these I mentioned).

Ooooh these are great ideas! Thanks Mike! :D I've been wanting to add more stuff for Harvest Moon/Stardew type games, as well as some more cooking ingredients and dishes, so these are some awesome suggestions~ 


Thank you for taking this into account (not sure it's said properly), more thing for Harvest Moon type of games would be supercool! ^^

Hi, was wondering if we may soon see a chess, checkers, dice minigame plugin.


That's a really awesome suggestion! I might see what I can do, but chess may break my brain.. 😂


Like chess, you are a queen but you have more value than the King. Nice art.

Haha, thank you so much! :D


As always, amazing work! So simple and so detailed at the same time, love your icons Caz. Thank you. 

Thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you as always for your support! <3