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These icons can be used for any engine or any purpose, but they will match the requirements of RPG Maker MV and will fit nicely into any project  that can use 32x32px image dimensions.

The pack contains 48 different icons featuring ingredients and foods, including:

bags of flour; milk bottle and empty bottle; chocolate bar; rice in a bowl; pizza slice; different slices of cakes and more!

The icons are 32x32 each and are therefore compatible for RPG Maker MV's default item system. They can even be used in other makers as event icons.

However, they can be used for whatever you see fit - gamedev or otherwise!

You can read the full Terms of Use/EULA here.





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TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Unity


Get this asset pack and 23 more for $199.99 USD
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Hi Caz,
I'm using your icons in my game, currently setting up the cooking side of things. The icons are great 32x32 but i'm wondering.. would you take custom orders to make some of your icons bigger? such as the fries in this pack. As you can see in my WIP for the menu I really want to put a larger picture of the icon in the space in the middle.. could you do that?

Hey there, thank you for asking! Sadly I'm booked full with full-time work at the mo and can't take on any commissions, sorry. :< Were you hoping for the larger versions to still be pixel art, or would 2D art work? Might be easier/cheaper to go for 2D art since high-res pixels could get a little expensive from what I've seen. :D;;

You're also welcome to edit the icons using something like Waifu2x to resize the originals - hopefully something like that could work!

Thanks for the reply.
2D art would have been better but I could have settled with pixel at a larger scale. I fear Waifu2x might pixilate the icons to much at the size i was hoping to go for the pictures. I'm gonna see if my monster artist could do some rendition of the icons in his own style, hopefully he is able to, though it's not really his thing.. we'll see.

Yeah I actually just tried it out and Waifu2x does jank them up quite a lot.. I'm hoping to eventually get somebody to make HD icon equivalents for all of my stuff, but that'll be quite a huge undertaking haha! I hope your artist can manage something though, I'd be excited to see what he does with them. :D

You asked me to keep u updated when i get some type of work done surrounding your icons, here's some :)

Its 'work in progress' so effects/lasts are subject to change and there just for placeholders atm.

This is so awesome, thanks for keeping me updated! It's looking so cool! :D

hi Caz! are you planning to make more assets? i love your work! hope we get more :D

Thanks so much!! :D I am definitely making more, so keep an eye out! I’m currently working on a weapons pack and skill icons in my free time, which will hopefully be released in the next few months.

Thank you so much for your support, it really means the world! <3

awesome!! i got all your bundles! <3 hope you make more than icons too and if your back in commission as well :D hehehe

Will totally buy! Love your icon style.