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Dear Caz, can we have another icon pack, like "underwater world"? I mean there would be trident, different kind of mussels, amber, seaweed, different fishes, tentacle, crab, prawn, open trasure box, old pirate coin, bottle with message, etc.?

Ooooh, these are interesting! I was planning to do some "fishing" icons and these would be really cool to add in. Thank you! :D

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Oh, can't wait then! Thank you so much!
(A starfish and ship steer wheel would be cool, too! ^^)


Hi, I like your Work, you're a greate artist, I wonder if you got  a lighter zippo and a lock picks icons ?

Hey, thanks so much! I don't think I've made either of those, but I'll make sure to add them to an upcoming pack! :D


That will be greate, I hope check it soon :D

Can we use this asset to make game that purchasable as long we give credit or not ?

Yes, you can use them for commercial projects. :>

Oh thx for reply,So i can do that and also credit you right ?.

Again thx,From:HaqFox =)

You don't have to give credit but it's always appreciated if you do! <3


Hello, First your work is awesome!
Second I win 2 icon packs in Giveaway and want to ask can use it in commercial project?

Thanks so much! Congrats on your win - and yep, if you have them in your library then you have full rights to use them commercially. :D


I love the style of these icons. Is there also a 16x16 version of them, as I have seen in other of your packs?

Sadly the 16x16 is only available in Pack 1, as they became too time consuming and there wasn't a lot of demand for them, sorry. :<

Oh what a shame, thanks anyway.