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These icons can be used for any engine or any purpose, but they will match the requirements of RPG Maker MV and will fit nicely into any project  that can use 32x32px image dimensions.

The pack contains 96 different icons including:

ingredients including meats, vegetables, fruits and more; monster drops like fabrics, horns, teeth and claws; modern items such as syringe, flashlight and phone; healing items like blood packs; quest rewards like jewels and gems; and more!

The icons are 32x32 each and are therefore compatible for RPG Maker MV's default item system. They can even be used in other makers as event icons.

However, they can be used for whatever you see fit - gamedev or otherwise!

You can read the full Terms of Use/EULA here.





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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Unity, GameMaker
TagsFantasy, Game engine, GameMaker, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv


Get this asset pack and 23 more for $199.99 USD
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Buy Now$16.99 USD or more

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Dear Caz, can we have another icon pack, like "underwater world"? I mean there would be trident, different kind of mussels, amber, seaweed, different fishes, tentacle, crab, prawn, open trasure box, old pirate coin, bottle with message, etc.?

Ooooh, these are interesting! I was planning to do some "fishing" icons and these would be really cool to add in. Thank you! :D

(2 edits) (+1)

Oh, can't wait then! Thank you so much!
(A starfish and ship steer wheel would be cool, too! ^^)


Hi, I like your Work, you're a greate artist, I wonder if you got  a lighter zippo and a lock picks icons ?

Hey, thanks so much! I don't think I've made either of those, but I'll make sure to add them to an upcoming pack! :D


That will be greate, I hope check it soon :D

Can we use this asset to make game that purchasable as long we give credit or not ?

Yes, you can use them for commercial projects. :>

Oh thx for reply,So i can do that and also credit you right ?.

Again thx,From:HaqFox =)

You don't have to give credit but it's always appreciated if you do! <3


Hello, First your work is awesome!
Second I win 2 icon packs in Giveaway and want to ask can use it in commercial project?

Thanks so much! Congrats on your win - and yep, if you have them in your itch.io library then you have full rights to use them commercially. :D


I love the style of these icons. Is there also a 16x16 version of them, as I have seen in other of your packs?

Sadly the 16x16 is only available in Pack 1, as they became too time consuming and there wasn't a lot of demand for them, sorry. :<

Oh what a shame, thanks anyway.