Mouse or keyboard:

Up, Left, Right and Down Arrows to move
Space or Enter to interact
Escape to open menu


This is a short game made for the 16 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #6.

King Bakewell sends you - the castle's best cook - on a short quest to collect ingredients and prepare his breakfast for him. This is a prototype for a larger game planned for the future!


Story, music and sound effects by Harvey Carman

Programming, mapping and story integration by Phucknut

Programming and art by Caz

Voice acting by Harvey Carman. Voiced with Altered

Special thanks for their input, ideas and support: Daryn and George

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsCaz, Harvey Carman, Phucknut
Made withPixiJS
TagsCooking, Romance, royalty


Banquets of Bakewell 118 MB


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Hey @Caz, any plans for more content for this game? I really loved it!

Bumps :)

It error crashed after the dialogue stuff ended for me.


Demo was too short T_T I like the idea! Can't wait for full release :) 

Thanks so much, Mike! <3 

Hi, sorry, It do not loading, throwing this

Hey, thanks for the report! I think this might be to do with the browser used to run the game. Are you able to try with a different one? We've also just uploaded a standalone version of the game so you can play on desktop now too. :D

Ok, thanks