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I have a doubt:

"This asset pack may be used freely in non-commercial games. For commercial usage, the user must purchase the relevant asset pack from Cazwolf's store."

This pack (Pixel Fantasy Playing Cards) is free, I need to make a "donate" to use in a commercial game?


This one is completely free for commercial use! The part of the terms you copypasted is only for the RMMV RTP Replacement pack.

Ok, thank you so much!

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I read through the Terms of Use/EULA and it mentions that using assets for commercial projects requires purchasing.
Where would I need to go for this particular pack?
I wasn't able to find anything myself.


This pack doesn't require a purchase, it's free to use for commercial projects. :D 

Oh, awesome!  I super appreciate that, thanks for making such great assets.

I was wondering what your license terms were for this pack. I'd like to use them in an open source api, similar to this one I did earlier this year.


Hey there! The terms for all of my free assets are CC by 4.0, so you're free to use 'em for something like that! :D

Hello: is there any way to please add the animated cards also? not for all 52 cards, just the different color background for blank face-card?

Hi! The animation is actually achieved in-engine by squashing the width of the card to zero, showing a new image and then expanding from zero to 100%. :>


cool, thanks for explaining how you did it. I'll do the same. Thanks again.

Suggestion : Maybe add a joker card just in case somebody need it. Also commonly the king of heart have a sword in his head because there is a story behind it about some kind of suicide.


there is already a joker card.


There's a blank card, but no card with joker art.


Thank you, this set all great!




Thank you Caz! you're the best pixel artist I ever had the pleasure to know.


are you planning on opening a patreon one of this days?


Aww thanks so much! :D I've thought about opening a Patreon but I'm probably not active enough at the moment to be able to provide consistent rewards. :< It's something I maybe wanna do in the future though!


Good! Ill love to support your work in any way possible.