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gamejolt and itchio button plz?

It really is a great work! Thank you :)
Are you planning to release a ko-fi icon?

Hey there, and thank you! <3 I'm definitely planning to get around to adding some more icons like the itch logo, the YouTube "play" version of their icon, and some others~ I'll add Ko-Fi to that list too!

thank you so much for your hard work!


Thanks for the discord button Caz, you are the best!

Thank you so much! Really hope it comes in handy! <3

Does it have a discord icon?

Haha, it's really spooky that you suggest that because I just drew one for my profile a couple days ago.. I'll update the pack with it in a few hours! :D 

(If you need it asap before I can upload, feel free to save the one on my main itch profile)

Aaaaand now it's updated on this page~ :D


Not gonna lie, tried to make almost similar, you do a way better job then I could.


Lmao I didn't knew you had made one. No worries no big rush. But love your work. Grade A tilesets and sprites.


love this icons, are AMAZING

Thanks so much! <3


I love all your icons Caz! keep moving forward!


I'm definitely a fan of your work, Caz, though I haven't touched RPG Maker for awhile (perhaps I should go back to it). These would work perfectly with my Social Media plugin (old version for MV, but maybe update to MZ).


Oh yeah, these would be perfect for that! :D You can totally use them outside of RPG Maker in other engines/projects/whatever too though so feel free to use them in anything else! <3