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Love the sprites, used one as an enemy for my Halloween game jam game :
I fit in the theme nicely thanks to you ;)

Heh, the game looks great! Thanks so much for showing me, I love seeing them in people’s games! :D

Hi! Nice sprites! I used them to create my submission to TriJam:

Thank you! You saved me a lot of time! :)

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Heh, wow this is super cute! Thanks so much for letting me know, and good job on the game!! <3 Hope it does well in the jam!

Hi Caz! We are making a haunted-manor/halloween game and seen your halloween icons. When you say "These icons are available for use in non-commercial and paid projects, " do you mean I can use it in commercial projects? Here it is our game: The item size in the game is currently 24x24 so I should downscale 32x32 a bit (I can do that and show you the results before posting anywhere). Please if you want to answer mail me at which is my most active account.

Your other assets are lovely as well and would like to use them/downscale them  if allowed in commercial projects.

Check out the first gameplay video of the game:

Hey, thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for not being clear, but yes you can totally use all of my icons in commercial projects. Once they've been bought  , you can do whatever you like with them. :D That applies to my free assets too - feel free to go wild! Good luck with your project, it looks great!

I've replied here just in case anyone else had the same question, but I'll ping you an email now too. Hope this helps!

Happy to support you :) ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

Thank you,Happy halloween!

Thank you Caz.