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Can i use these icons in other engines like godot, Unity, And unreal?


Yep, they're engine-free for anything! There's a full EULA here.


Thanks for making it free!

do you use ai generator programmes for your art? i just wanted to make sure as unfortunately its not required for content creators to state if they do or not. i appreciate and calmly await your reply! :3

Hey thank you for asking about that! I don't use AI at any point in making any of my assets, they're all drawn by me from start to finish from scratch. :D 

Good day everyone! Thank you, Caz, for such a beautiful set of icons!

I'm a little bit confused with the Terms of Use. Because it says icons free to use with credit, but then later "forbid" commercial use and "force" to buy another packs.

Since I don't want to have any problems with the author, I want to ask for clarification:

All the icons in this "MV Icons Complete Sheet - Free" are free to use when developing commercial games in RPG Maker MZ (I own MV too) with credit given to the author, or do I need to pay somewhere to get the legal rights for it???

Also, is it okay to edit/recolor few icons to suit my game's needs?

Thank you for attention! With best regards.


The terms further down are only specific to the "RPG MakerMV/MZ RTP Replacement" pack. 

Everything in the "Complete Free Collection" here is all good for use in both non-commercial AND commercial games without purchasing any licenses. You're also free to edit them! :D 


Great job.

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Hi buddy! Thanks for sharing this sprite pack. I used a couple of your icons on a game I made for my portfolio! Thanks so much!


Thanks for letting me know! This is super cool, you did a great job with this! :O

Hello! Hoping to use this for the example code of my game engine plugin:

Users will not be able to use these icons in their own games just by using the plugin. It will only be used to render the examples. However, it will need to be in the assets directory in the open source repository above for this to be possible, so technically anybody could download it from there if they wanted to.

I will provide credit and a link to the CC By 4.0 license in the, as specified by the EULA.

Would this be okay? I haven't made these changes yet, wanted to double check with you first!

Hi, thank you for reaching out about this! That's totally fine - as long as the credit is provided then it's all good. :D


Your sprites are so great!
I used some in feature examples of a free pixel tool I just released:

I hope that's okay, I credited you and put a link on the page.
Thank you!


Hey, thanks for letting me know! This is a really amazing tool, thanks so much for including my assets! :D <3



Can i use these for commercial project (an hilarious rpg game with a lot of humour like black humour, joke about drugs etc?)

Hi, yep totally! You can find a link to the full EULA here. They're CC by 4.0. Drug stuff should be fine, I only ask that they're not used in projects that send a hateful message (no racism, discrimination, etc.) and obviously I can't take any responsibility if they're used in a project that breaks the law in some way. :D

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Thank you! First bikini asset for rpgmaker xD and chainsaw xD


awesome! thanks


Hello, Thank you for share