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Thank you so so much for making this asset pack. I'm learning to make RPG+Farming game and I didn't even realize I never have icons for my plant seeds. Your work is always beautiful. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful works.


Very cool!

Hello Caz, beautiful work! I was just curious what vegetable/fruit corresponds to each seed packet? I was hoping to match up your other vegetable/fruit icons. 

Hey there, thank you so much! :D

In order from left to right, they're:

Apple (red)
Apple (green)
Herb (basil???)
Herb (chives???)
Bell pepper (yellow)
Bell pepper (red)
Peanut (...not sure this actually counts as a seed but I threw it on the sheet anyway  :D;;;; )
Mushroom (again.. not really a seed but ??? oh well)
Pea pod

Thank you so much! 

Hi Caz,

I see your a Cardiff Girl :D i'm from Newport. I love your pixel art style and am using ONLY your icons in my game I am making. I'd like to make a request/suggestion for another pack that i'd LOVE to see made. A professions pack (like this one) but for Fishing. It could have different varieties of Fishing rods from just a 'brown stick rod' up to a magical rod, a nice variety of baits, and also a nice large selection of different fish. I have fishing in my game but yet NO fish icons to use for cooking, so would LOVE if you'd consider doing this pack next or soon in your amazing style. 

Keep up the amazing work!

Oh hey, sweet, always awesome to hear about fellow Welsh devs! :D

I'm absolutely planning to get around to some profession icons for harvesting, crafting, etc. soon! I wanna do some more icons for games like Harvest Moon where you can upgrade all of your tools, do some more crops, fish, rods, bait, etc. so it's definitely on the cards.

Thanks so much for the kind words too! <3

awesome, thanks for the reply. Can't wait for the planned stuff then :) i'll definitely be using those as i'm planning on having some crafting also, might put some farming in it also.. not sure yet but it'll compliment the cooking if I do. Here's a link to some pictures of my game.     any hows, thanks for the reply. :)

Ooooh whoa, the game's looking really cool, I like what you've done with it! I hope dev goes well, and thanks again for your support. :D


ty :)


These can be used under the CC4.0 license. :D

Su arte esta increíble.

¡Muchas gracias! <3

"RPG Maker MV reads icons on the sheet in "tiles" of 32x32, so you must increase the canvas size in increments of 32x32 for the file to be read correctly. With this in mind, increase the canvas size to accommodate the new icons, and paste in the large image file provided in this pack.

Place them aligned to the 32x32 grid, otherwise RMMV will not read your file correctly."

I need you to explain what is the canvas, how to increase its size, and how to paste in an image file? Please?

Hi there! You can check out this video which will probably explain things a little better. :D


Hey Caz! Thank you for offering resources and for answering so quickly. :-)

As I thought, the canvas is the background behind the picture in image editing softwares, I wasn't certain.

I see how it is done! Thank you for teaching me! :-D

No worries at all, I'm glad it helped you!


Once again Caz your art is phenomenal, one question are you also planning on making icons for natural disasters like tornado, sandstorm or even a flood?


Thank you so much! :D I did think about making a separate weather pack that goes more into depth with things like rainbows, hail, hurricanes, etc. so it's one that's going onto my list of things to do! <3


That's great to hear! cant wait what you have for us in the future.


A weather set would be amazing! I've always loved your art and there is a surprising lack of weather/time of day related icons!