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Am I using your icons in accordance to your license requirement? I gave attribution on the project page and I left the eula in the assets folder. 


Yep, looks good to me! :D


Been looking for something like this. Thank you.

I've featured some of these in Level 5 in my tower defense game about pixel art:

I'm a big fan!

Thank you! And thank you so much for showing me your game, it looks amazing! :D


Theese look beautiful <3

aaa thanks Grindalf! :D <3

damn good work!


super wow, this is nice. how on earth still find so cool stuff on even if i browse around here for years and hours!! Caz, a name easy to remember b(coz) its 3 letters: )

Hi Caz, are you also planning on adding a Atari and Sega consoles?


Hey! :D I definitely want to do some older consoles if they seem to get enough interest!

These are really cool!

Thanks so much! :D


Missing a Steam Deck icon. :p

Haha, oh yeah! I'll definitely be updating the pack in the future with more consoles if new ones come out/older ones get more interest! :D

Beautiful!!! Caz, these look amazing.

Thank you! <333