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Ah, sweet! The Zodiac icons will go great with the VisuStella traits! I haven't been able to find anything that's better than this. I'll purchase this as soon as I am able to! I downloaded your free calendar too, but that is somewhat confusing for me. I may not end up using it, haha.


This would be perfect for the game I'm working on!! I will be working to get the single icon sheet, because this is too critical for what I want to do.


Hello Caz, I honestly didn't have idea that I would had enjoyed the zodiac sings so why not add more personality to characters with this idea? so I was playing this video game in which the bosses represented each one of the 7 deadly sins, so here is the idea, why not make icons that represent that? 7 of the deadly sins, and if possible also the 7 virtues to counter them? thanks.

Ohh yeah that's a super cool idea! Thanks a lot, I'll add that onto the list! :D

Hello im really interesting in buying your 700+ icon bundle. However I was curious about one thing. MV seem to have a plugin that can call icons from different sheets while MZ can't atm. I'll keep looking for a plugin but is there by any chance a "Master" iconset that has everything on a single sheet or can it be commissioned. Thanks. 

Hey there! You can use image editing software to put all of the icons onto one sheet, or message me on Twitter or Discord and I can help compile them all onto a single sheet for you. :>

Thank you, I'll look into getting bundle later this week. Afterwards, I can message you on Discord. 

Unfortunately I don't know how to edit on my own, so i'd appreciate that.

I don't your Discord name, could you PM it to me. Sorry still new to this site.