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Where can I find the backgrounds the sprites are advertised on? Are they sold anywhere?

Do you mean these? 

If so, they're not in the pack itself, they're just part of the promo materials. But you're more than welcome to use this one! :D


Yep, that's what I meant! Thank you, that's great!

Caz, you are reliable! Perfect for farming game or something :D

Thank you, Mike! <3 I hope somebody uses them for exactly that, I'd love to play it haha!

I'm going to <rubs hands>! I'll be honored if you play this later :)

SO CUTE. Now I wish I was making a fishing game to use these 😻💖 haha 

Well done as always!!

Thanks Hatty!!! <3 And YOU TOTALLY SHOULDDDD I would play the heck out of it.