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Great pack Caz, I think I’ll take it :3

Why is this pack 14? Is it like 14a, an expansion of the previous one. It looks good but the numbering is confusing me

Yep, this is the first expansion of several to pack 14. They're similar to the icons found in Pack 14, but they're elemental versions with fire and earth themes. 

thats amazing. I'm assuming your working on all the normal elements then?

Yeah, it'll be all the standard RPG elements first and then I may do some more specialized packs after that, which delve into some weirder elements. :D

*Cough* nature druid* cough*


Are you going to set a new bundle i was already planning to buy all your icons

I'm unsure exactly how I'm going to format the bundles at the moment, but I'm thinking there'll be a big bundle for Pack 14 and all of the  element expansions. :>


"Fanservice" element? o3o

Seriously though, looking forward to the next expansions, really digging the designs in this one ^-^


The only thing i wish was that you had a fan weapon in each of these packs.... YOUR WORK IS AWESOME!

Thank you! :D I do plan to make a pack eventually with some more obscure weapons, so I'll add a fan to the list!